Trust Deed Investing 101

Trust deed investments offer a highly secure alternative to the traditional menu of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. After the stock market went into a tailspin last year a lot of money went into hiding in money market accounts and other cash equivalents. Why not? An annual yield of 1% is better than devastating loses, already at 40% or more. While the stock market has come back quite a bit from its March 2009 lows it is still extremely volatile and economic recovery uncertain. So what to do with all that cash sitting around earning next to nothing? Trust deed investments offer a highly secure alternative to the traditional menu of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds while providing returns far greater than money market or savings accounts.

A trust deed is essentially a mortgage. (The actual differences between the two I will leave for a later discussion, but our purposes today they are really negligible.) Investing in trust deeds means you are lending money against a piece of real estate – a mortgage in standard terms, but a private mortgage. You, or the mortgage investment sponsor, set the terms of the loan, and get paid regular interest at the rate agreed upon. When the loan term is up you get your capital back and can do it all over again. Most private mortgages pay you a much higher interest rate than the rate on a traditional bank loan; generally 10% or more in today’s market.

All investments entail a certain degree of risk, but a trust deed investment provides a level of security most other commonly available investments cannot: they are backed by tangible assets – equity in real estate. I know, you’re thinking “that didn’t seem to help the big banks much.” I said the security is equity in real estate. The big banks were lending 80%, 90%, sometimes 110% of the value of the property. Not much equity there. A key to successful trust deed investing is always making sure there is significant protective equity in the collateral property so if the worst case scenario occurs there is plenty of cushion and you can feel confident that you will get your capital back. If necessary you can even use more than one property owned by a borrower to backstop a single loan. These are often called a blanket loans.

Trust deed investments are available to everyone, not just the rich and famous. One of the best ways to invest is with your retirement funds, through a self-directed IRA. It’s a little known fact that you can invest your IRA in almost anything you want, not just the mutual fund pushed by the big brokerage houses. Imagine if you could consistently earn just a 10% compound annual return while paying no taxes on the earnings. A $100,000 dollar investment of this type over the last 10 years would have delivered almost 17x the return of the same investment in the S&P 500, with much less volatility!

Security, consistency, and great returns: if you follow the right formula with trust deed investments the recent mortgage crisis may be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

When Searching for a Totally Rejuvenating Massage and Spa, Thailand Beckons

Thailand… just the name brings to mind picturesque views of nature, including cascading waterfalls and water lily ponds. Koh Samui in Thailand is a top Spa location. You can stay for days in a hillside room offering a view of the sea, ancient granite boulders, lush vegetation and you can enjoy other attractions as you embark on a healing journey in a Spa that Samui can very well offer. Imagine immersing your body in a soothing Thai massage, a Dead Sea mineral treatment or a chocolate and coconut body-wrap with banana leaves, and getting loads of nutritional guidance and other healing spa therapies. The whole wellness package in a holistic Spa on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand offers great value for money. It can actually leave you feeling like a whole new person.

So what’s keeping you from hieing off to enjoy a Spa Samui style? If you’ve long been putting off a vacation, dillydally no further. It’s high time you get a break and get the ultimate massage experience. Say goodbye to problematic backs and knots in your neck. If you’re hankering for a deep tissue Thai massage, you can get the real thing from spa therapists using smooth strokes to give you a dry massage or wet massage using natural plant oils and essences, in a relaxing spot set against a backdrop of lush greenery or nature-inspired spa pavilion. Let your body heal and get rejuvenated with a comprehensive detoxification program that blends western and eastern medicine to promote a heightened sense of well-being.

If you’re thinking of a beachside health spa, Samui offers a wide range of options like deluxe villas in Bang Po Beach or club in Lamai. Or you may opt to check in at a spa resort in Koh Samui and enjoy centuries-old healing techniques, with the sights and sounds of nature and wildlife close by. Yes, there are various ways to experience Thailand’s rich spa heritage. Before you even plop on a Thai massage bed, you’d be awed at how Koh Samui has truly become a hot spot in the region. There’s a pristine world out there which you just got to see to be enraptured. The Thai villas are surrounded by tropical gardens, there’s stunning architecture, and even the restaurants offer fresh cuisine that goes well with the healing spa therapies. Revive your senses with treatments in one of the recommended spas, including suitable foot reflexology, an amazing herbal scrub, soothing aromatherapy, and a fantastic deep tissue massage and facial cleansing. If you’re staying in a first-rate Koh Samui resort & spa, you can find top notch facilities like a whirlpool bath in a terrace that offers a great beach view, or relax in a daybed by a garden humming with the sounds of nature. If a Thai village area is more to your liking, you can enjoy the serenity of lodging spots at a distance from the main hotel area next to the beach. Wherever you settle, there are great restaurants (offering extensive menus) to try while at Koh Samui.

Periyar Hotels and Resorts Inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve & Sanctuary

Visitors traveling to Periyar Tiger Reserve opt to stay in nearby Periyar hotels. However, you need not go further for accommodations because there are already lodging facilities inside the reserve. Here are some of them:

Spice Village – For a more naturalistic way to experience Periyar, consider losing all modern equipments and leaving everything to nature. Imagine a vacation without air conditioning, television and all that piped music. This means, you get to experience Periyar how it truly is – a chance to be one with nature and its entire splendor.

All 52 accommodations in Spice Village greet you with simple pine furniture, plain terracotta floors and not a cinch of pretentiousness. This resort is world renowned and even received awards for its excellent services, delectable cuisines and that unique experience it can offer.

Spice Village is part of the Casino Group of Hotels. It is situated about 180 kilometers from the Cochin airport. It is also near the Kottayam Railways Station and the Kumily Bus Stand. Some of the facilities you will adore include an Ayurvedic Health Spa, cooking demonstrations, yoga and a meditation center as well as pepper vines, a tiger club, day trekking and night trekking activities. Other activities are jeep safaris, bamboo rafting, night camping, indoor games and outdoor games.

Taj Garden Retreat – This accommodation offers 32 rustic and thatched-roof villas along the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a beautiful resort set at about 2,700 ft. above sea level. It boasts of spacious rooms having fine wood decors and furniture which are adorned with charming natural fabrics.

This resort is located only 134 kilometers from the Madurai Airport. It is also near the Kottayam Railway Station ad the Kumily Bus Stand. They offer a multi-cuisine menu and various other facilities like a pool, Ayurvedic Massage Center, Wildlife Books Library and a recreation center. They also provide boating activities on Periyar Lake, a Spice Plantation Tour, forest trekking and a book shop as well as conference and banquet facilities. Taj Garden Retreat is part of the Taj Group of Hotels.

Muthoot Cardamom County – This resort is fast becoming popular for the lasting memories it offers to guests. It features beautifully landscaped gardens over green clad mountains. It has stylish cottages having the finest furniture and conveniences in modern living.

This accommodation offers 44 well-appointed rooms featuring a contemporary charm mixed with the Old World charm. It is situated only 180 kilometers from the Kochi International Airport. The Kottayam Railway Station is only 110 kilometers away while the Kumily Bus Stand is merely 2 kilometers away.

Facilities and amenities offered by Muthoot Cardamom County include an Ayuvedic Center, health club, room service, swimming pool, doctor-on-call, money changer and doctor-on-call as well as baby sittings services, a Plantation Tour, boating activities and a travel desk. They also provide business services like e-mail and fax services. This resort is part of the Carmom County Parks & Hotels.

All about Periyar Tiger Reserve
Periyar Tiger Reserve is a wonderful portrayal of nature’s bounty. It possesses that great scenic charm, especially with its rich bio-diversified fauna and flora. The reserve stretches over 777 square kilometers and is one amongst India’s twenty-seven tiger reserves.

The facility is efficiently managed and zealously guarded due to its endangered, endemic and rare flora and fauna. It also forms as a major watershed of Kerala’s 2 important rivers – Pamba and Periyar.

The hallmark of this reserve is its park-centered-and-people-oriented-community-based ecotourism. Proud to say, local people are the ones who conducted surveillance programs that aim to protect the susceptible parts of the reserve. Through these, even tourists become aware of the importance of forest conservation. In Periyar, you will find the people who used to make a living on illegal operations but are now forest protectors.